Venue and Schedule

Architecture Audi
2019-10-20   10:00

Prize Money

First Prize : 9000
Second Prize : 6000


Let your creativity flow. Be aesthetically beautiful. Let your inner beauty come in accordance with your innovation and give rise to alluring elegance. Craft your identity, creating an illusion of permanency. Let your garments reveal your emotions. We tend to focus on conceptual attire display with relevance to the theme.

Rules and Regulations

  • Theme :- Open theme (Of the teams choice).
  • Team Size : Teams should comprise of a minimum of 9 and maximum of 15 members .
  • Inclusive of all genders.
  • Total of 15 members will be allowed including backstage and onstage participants.
  • NO FIRST YEAR students are allowed to participate (ONLY FOR TEAMS FROM KIIT UNIVERSITY).
  • The garments and props used should be decent and non-controversial according to college norms.
  • Any form of vulgarity or obscene scenes will lead to negative marking or disqualification.
  • Time Limit : 8 (+4) minutes.
  • Props should not be left on stage post performance .
  • Damage to auditorium will lead to disqualification.
  • Use of fire and chemicals not allowed.
  • Point of contact :- SHRESTH VASHISTH - 9199368122.
  • SEERSHA SAHA - 8584925734.
  • Feel free to reach out to the above mentioned POCs for any querie